Check-In Time Limit Changes

If you’re a regular user, it’s likely that you’ve experienced our cool down message at least once while using Untappd and we understand that it can be frustrating. Sometimes you check-in your first beer a bit late and can’t check-in your second. Sometimes you’re only having small tasters. Everyone checks in at their own pace, especially when at a festival or having a sample flight.

With that in mind, we’re rolling out a new check-in system to allow everyone to go at their own speed. The new check-in system will do away with the arbitrary 10 minute rule and will instead use a special algorithm. Now if you check-in too quickly or abuse the system and trigger the cool down, your check-ins will go through - so you can be sure to keep track of all of your beers - but you will not be allowed to unlock any associated badges until your cool down timer has reset.

We initially implemented the cool down period for a few reasons:

  1. to help deters users from abusing the check-in system for badges
  2. to not encourage our user base to drink too quickly

After months of tinkering and user feedback, we’ve made the decision to switch systems. Even we’ve encountered some moments of frustration waiting for the 10 minute timer to reset, so we understand the frustration that can come of it.

For the time being, we will be slowly rolling this new feature out and it will initially be available for small set of users. After that, we will continue to roll it out to more users.

With this new system, we are going to allow our users to check-in as often as they want - with certain limitations on earning badges of course - but at the same time, we aren’t promoting irresponsible drinking habits. We encourage you to enjoy your beers and check-in in a safe way. As always, drink socially, but more importantly, drink responsibly.