A Taste of the Past

Update 8/2/11:

We’re extremely happy to announce that we will be extending the Ancient Ales badge until October 1st so it will be available as the last of the series becomes available in September! Don’t forget to seek out these beer relics and get a taste of these ancient flavors.

Be sure to follow Dogfish Head on Twitter and Facebook for updates about their Ancient Ales series.

And as a reminder, to unlock this badge, you will need to savor at least three of the five ancient ales.


Like a time capsule for your taste buds, the Ancient Ales Series from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery will transport the modern beer connoisseur back to a time when our ancestor-brewers were unencumbered by laws and style guidelines.

In celebration these marvelous bottles of brewing history, we’ve teamed up with Dogfish Head to bring you a special edition badge to coincide with this years upcoming Ancient Ale releases!

To unlock this badge, you will need to savor at least three of the five ancient ales.

This badge will be available starting today until August 2nd. While Midas Touch is available year round, the other four will be slowly released over the next few months. Keep a close eye on the Dogfish Head Twitter, Facebook and be sure to check out their release schedule on their site.

Note: Badges are not retro-active. You must consume the specified beers within the badge period in order to unlock it.