Untappd Supporter Follow Up

As you may know, this morning we released an app update as well as rolled out “Supporter Accounts” (http://untappd.com/supporter) within Untappd. These accounts were created to allow those in the community the option of helping support the growth of the community by purchasing a subscription. In exchange these users will receive some special perks as a thank you. We decided that instead of taking donations, we wanted to be able to give something back to those helping keep the community going.

It appears there has been some misunderstanding regarding these accounts and we wanted to take a minute to clarify.

First and foremost, these accounts are completely optional. We have no intentions to charge for access to Untappd’s service. Our apps will continue to be open and free for anyone to use and will continue to receive updates and new features as we build them. Even if you decided not to sign up for an “Supporter Account”, you will still be able check-in, rate, and do everything as you normally would do within the app and website.

We also have no intentions of holding your data “hostage”. You will continue to have access to all of your data via our website and apps. In addition, you can use our public facing API (http://untappd.com/api) to export your data as well as numerous third party sites that make use of our public API. A “Supporter Account” is not required for this. The export feature provided to Supporter Accounts is simply a convenient feature provided to those who subscribe.

Lastly, rest assured that your personal data is safe within Untappd. We have not and currently are not selling any personal data to any brewery, large or small. We remain independent. While it is our hopes to be able to provide useful statistics to breweries to allow them to expand their businesses and bring their beer to new markets, no personal information will ever be provided.

As you know, Untappd is a part time endeavor for us. We have poured many long hours into this service, after we’re done with our day jobs, to continue making it the best community it can be. We are very open and honest with the community and do our very best to respond to every concern that is posed. We rely on our users to help spread the word of the app and this support is immensely appreciated.

At Untappd, we want to help everyone discover the world of beer; to allow them to discover new breweries, beer and bars they may never have heard of.

It’s our goal to help everyone drink socially.

Tim Mather (@timm3h) & Greg Avola (@gregavola)
Untappd Team