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Sep 19

Los Angeles Beer Week 2014 is a GO!

Los Angeles Beer Week is back and ready to blow the socks off Southern California! Featuring 8 days of all things beer, this year is going to be awesome. Starting this Saturday, September 20th and running through the 28th, bars and breweries through out the county will be featuring epic pairings, tastings and many other great events!

In celebration of this home town event, we’ve teamed up with LABW to bring you the “Los Angles Beer Week (2014)” badge. To unlock this badge, simply check-in to any beer at any location within Los Angeles or Orange counties during LABW (September 20th - 28th). Be sure to add your location to your check-in to qualify for the badge.

You can find out more about LA Beer Week and see a full list of events on their website. For the latest, be sure to follow LA Beer Week on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Sep 18

Experience Both Wet & Dry Hops With Sixpoint

It’s that magical time of year when all those wondrous green hops are harvested, quickly shuttled to breweries around the world, and transformed into amazing beer. Whether the hops are added fresh, just after harvesting (Wet) or after they’ve been kilned and baled (Dry), you’re sure to end up with a deliciously aromatic brew, just for you! The Mad Scientists at Sixpoint are hard at work gathering up every last bit of hops they can in order to produce their brand new SENSI HARVEST, a copper ale bursting with fresh, undisturbed wet hop character as well as boost their celebrated RESIN to 6 packs!

Celebrate the Hop Season with Sixpoint by unlocking their brand new badge on Untappd! To unlock the “Sixpoint Wet & Dry Hops” badge, check-in to one (1) SENSEI HARVEST and one (1) RESIN between September 20th & November 20th. That’s it. Enjoy some deliciously hoppy beers and unlock a badge.

To learn more about Sixpoint and their full line up of brews, check out http://sixpoint.com and be sure to get social with the Mad Scientists on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Sep 17

Oktoberfest is right around the corner!

Founded in Munich in 1634, the folks at Paulaner Brewery are no stranger to Oktoberfest. With deep ties to the Munich community, it’s obvious that Paulaner has a strong presence at Oktoberfest, spreading the joy of its famed Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier throughout. This year, Paulaner wants to bring some Oktoberfest joy to you, no matter where in the world you are.

Starting this Friday, September 19th and running through October 20th, you can unlock the brand new “Paulaner Oktoberfest (2014)” badge! All you have to do is check-in to two (2) of the following beers:

To learn more about the rich history and wondrous biers of the Paulaner Brewery, check out Paulaner.com. And don’t forget to visit the Paualner USA Facebook page and vote for your favorite Paulaner Oktoberfest bier for a chance to win a trip to Munich to tour the brewery!


Sep 16

Get ready for Huntsville Beer Week!

The Fourth Annual Huntsville Beer Week is kicking off this Friday, September 19th. Since Free the Hops successfully lobbied for passage of the “Gourmet Beer Bill” in 2009, Huntsville has launched an exceptional local craft beer scene. With full focus on the local and regional breweries of Huntsville, the week will feature several events for residents to experience great beer.

To celebreate this year’s festvities we’ve teamed up to bring you the “Huntsville Beer Week (2014)” badge! This badge can be unlocked by check-in to a beer and any two participating venues listed here! This badge is only available during Huntsville Beer Week, September 19 - 27, so be sure to get out there!

To learn more about Huntsville Beer Week, check out http://huntsvillebeerweek.com and for the latest, follow along on Facebook!

Sep 12

Untappd App Updates for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

We’re excited to announce new releases to our iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps. Today we will be pushing out updates to make finding beers easier, bring some design elements up to date, as well as make our apps faster and more stable. Below is a more detailed list of what will be coming out in this release.




In addition, we’ve made some updates to how our ratings system will work. Starting now, when you check-in to a beer, your rating will be applied to that specific check-in instead of directly to the beer. This means if you change your rating on a specifc beer, it won’t change your overall rating to what you chose that second time, but instead will calculate an average based on all of your ratings. This allows you to rate your beers based on how they were in that specific check-in experience.

Get the updates now for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Sep 04

Charleston Beer Week’s Brand New Badge!

With seven production breweries, numerous pubs, and a growing local love of all things beer, Charleston, SC is making it’s mark on the craft beer map. Charleston Beer Week is a celebration of this progression, where the idea that beer shouldn’t just take like something, but should take like something delicious is taking hold. Featuring up to 6 events a night, from September 7th through 13th, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Along with all the festivities around town, we’ve teamed up to bring you a brand new badge on Untappd. The “Charleston Beer Week (2014)” can be unlocked by checking in to any beer at two (2) participating venues listed here. It’s as easy as enjoy local beer, check-in at a local venue, and get your badge - you can’t go wrong there! Just be sure to add the participating venue to your check-in for it to count.

To find out more and see all of the events, check out http://charlestonbeerweek.com and for the latest, follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Sep 01

Celebrate Los Angeles’ Birthday with Angel City Brewery!

Los Angeles is known for movie stars, pristine weather, and gorgeous beaches, but one thing you might not think about is beer. With an ever growing beer scene and breweries popping up throughout the region, Los Angeles based brewers are quickly putting themselves on the craft beer map.

Founded on September 4th, 1781, Los Angeles is set to turn 233 this year and one local brewery that is making waves throughout the city wants you to celebrate with them! Angel City Brewery is situated in the heart of Downtown LA’s arts district and truly draws it’s inspiration from the city itself. With such a great love of what Los Angeles has to offer, they’ve partnered with us to to celebrate LA’s birthday in a big way - with a brand new badge!

The “Happy Birthday, LA!” badge will be available during the month of September and can be unlocked by checking in to any three (3) beers from Angel City! Celebrate the founding of one of the greatest cities in the county by enjoying amazing beer inspired by the city itself!

To learn more about Angel City Brewery, check out http://angelcitybrewery.com and for the latest, follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you happen to be in Los Angeles, we highly recommend stopping by for a beer and enjoying their wide open tasting room.

Aug 15

DC Beer Week 2014

Get ready for the nation’s capital to blossom into a beer lovers paradise as DC Beer Week 2014 takes place, August 17th through the 24th. A celebreation of all things beer, from conception to consumption, DC Beer Week brings with it many amazing events, pairings, releases and seminars to not only ejoy good beer, but to educate the community!

For those of you lucky enough to get out and celebrate, you can unlock this year’s DC Beer Week (2014) badge! All you need to do is check-in to two participating venues from this list during DC Beer Week (8/17 - 8/24)! Be sure you add the location to your check-in for it to qualify. With such great venues on this list, you’re sure to have a great time!

For more information about DC Beer Week, check out http://dcbeerweek.net and for the latest updates, follow them on Twitter and Facebook!

Aug 12

SF Craft Beer Festival - “Fall Harvest”

The folks that brought you the NYC & DC Craft Beer Festivals are heading out West and preparing for you an amazing event featuring an amazing line up of Fall seasonal craft beers. The SF Craft Beer Festival - “Fall Harvest” will take place Saturday, October 18th at Fort Mason’s Herbst Pavilion and will bring with it approximately 75 breweries all of which featuring their Fall releases. At each session, guests enjoy UNLIMITED 2 oz. pours, artisanal food for purchase & leading Craft Beer experts will host two, intimate, first come, first served seminars.

If you’re an Untappd user in the bay area, you could be lucky enough to unlock a $10 discount towards your purchase of tickets to this event! All you have to do is check-in to any beer between now and October 18th within a 100 mile radius of San Francisco and it could be yours.

For more information and a full line up of breweries, head over to http://sfcraftbeerfest.com and don’t forget to like the SF Craft Beer Festival on Facebook and follow along on Twitter!

Aug 05

IPA Day is back for 2014!

This Thursday we celebrate hops. Not just any old little bit of hops, but enough hops to create that distinct bitter flavor in that iconic beer style we’ve all come to love, the IPA. International IPA Day is back and spreading the word of the deliciously refreshing bite of the India Pale Ale. While you’re enjoying your favorite, be sure to check-in because this year’s IPA Day badge is awaiting you! To unlock it, simply check-in to ANY IPA on IPA Day. Enjoy some hoppy, delicious beer and it’s yours - really, it’s that simple!

You can learn more about IPA Day and it’s history over at craftbeer.com!